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Aug 23

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Aug 13
“I’m not going to say something trite and cliché like “You’re my soul mate.” or “I will love you forever.” As beautiful as they may sound, I’m a realist. I know love can burn bright and fade quickly, I know that people change and you can’t promise something like eternal love. What I can say though, is that you made me happy. The kind of happy that makes it impossible to smile when I say your name. When you tell me those romantic things, gestures of complete love and desire of a future together, it slowly breaks down the realist in me. Maybe we won’t last forever, maybe our love might end in heartbreak, but you know what? You know what the realist in me thinks? There is a chance it won’t. There is a chance we will have a storybook romance, one that puts Wesley and Buttercup to shame. Because realistically, someone has to.” Americo (in Americo and Max vs The Broppleganger)

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Aug 9
I’m sorry.

I’m sorry.

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